From time to time, every writer should look back at her previous work. In this spirit, here is a list of some pieces I wrote as a child, re-christened with more accurate titles. Enjoy.

The New Math: Writing Numbers Sideways and Backwards

The Ouija Board Only Talks About TV (with Melinda Quintero)

Impotent Rage: The Collected Letters

Life Was Sweet in Medieval Times, Especially for Women

Nobody Likes Me: A Memoir

Romeo and Juliet, But With Frogs


3 Responses to “Juvenilia”

  1. Marisa Says:

    One Day I Will Drive Myself to Prom

    I Will Be Famous And You Will Wish You Had Been Nice To Me: A Tale of My Bright Future and Your Lifelong Regrets

    I Think I’m Not Invited

    The Incomplete Works of Playwright MarsIAm

    Hidden In The Rosebush: A Novice Gardener’s Tale

    When I Have A Daughter: What I Will Not Do To Her

  2. Melinda Says:

    Isn’t it weird what you find when you google yourself? Lord only knows what that ouija board thing was about. I think I’ve got a diary entry somewhere about “A Wrinkle in Time”.

  3. Anna Says:

    Hi Melinda! I remember the ouija board at your house giving us repeated messages by the characters of I Love Lucy. Also, a lot of nonsense words.

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