An interview with Wikipedia

Today I wanted to mend an article of clothing. In situations like this, a woman typically turns to her mother (source: Women’s Day, May 1942). However, my mother lives far away, so I decided to ask Wikipedia. Here is a transcript of our conversation.

Wikipedia, what is mending?

Mending is referred to as the fixing of something that is broken. Sometimes this can mean clothing like mending a skirt or a shoe, but it can also mean to mend something abstract like a relationship with another person.

When were some times in history when people found it necessary to mend?

During the time when New France (Canada) was being set up people rarely threw out clothes and mended everything until it was unfixable. Another time when people mended for a reason was during the Great Depression when people were too poor to buy new clothes to replace their old ones.

Are all items mended in the same manner?

if someone is fixing a shirt they would use thread but if someone was mending a leather shoe they would probably use a strip of leather.

Thanks Wikipedia. Now, what should I wear to a morning wedding?


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