Barristers and glucophages

Today we have two spams of note. The runner-up:


Is it a special offer on a copy of Bleak House? No, the e-mail contains the following:


I am Barrister Charles C.Dickens, a legal practictioner and the personal attorney to Late Mr. Andreas Schranner, a German property magnate who lost his life and his family on the 21st of April 2000, along with his wife, Maria and their children and even grand children in a plane crash.

It is such a TRAGEDY when a man loses not only his family, but his wife and children as well. Really makes me want to send the guy’s lawyer all my bank account information. Particularly if I can make a check out to Barrister Charles Dickens.

But the WINNER of the Best Spam of the Day award goes to Emanuele Bianchi, for this salutation:

Nice to see Glucophage you.

Nice to see you too, Emanuele. Pancreas.


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