Pelvic Wong, Esq.

Today I received a message, which I have reproduced below, annotated for your edification.

Dear. Anna North

Good so far. Odd punctuation, but manages to use my full real name.

I was privileged to come across your contact through my personal search and Idecided that I should establish a communication with you.

A little dodgy, but still potentially legitimate.

I”am PelvicWong, a legal practitioner.


It’s sort of a tragedy, really. This spammer was wise enough to sniff my real name, but could not create for himself a halfway normal moniker. Even something like Goober might have sufficed in a pinch. But Pelvic? Note to spammers: most English words make bad first names.


2 Responses to “Pelvic Wong, Esq.”

  1. Zubin Says:

    I wonder if he was named after Pelvic Wang.

  2. mick Says:

    Yeah, i just got an email from this guy saying he’s got millions left unclaimed for a guy named Girlbert Lennea. Pelvic and Girlbert, isn’t that a cartoon comedy duo? it should be. I’m not sure if he’s just heard some names orally and is trying to reproduce them, or what. Where the hell did he get Pelvic from?

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