My name is Mud

This is what happens when you send a nice Valentine’s email to your mom. You get renamed by AdWords.

It’s pretty stunning that found out the secret I don’t tell anybody: my name is actually No Accident North. My parents just wanted to hammer home the idea that I was a planned and wanted child.


4 Responses to “My name is Mud”

  1. Zubin Says:

    That is so sweet of them, but certainly must bother your brother Honey, I Think The Cond…. North

    Ok sorry, theannalog, low-blow (:

  2. Marisa Says:

    My friend has two sisters that are 8 and 11 years older than him. His parents affectionately call him ‘Mistake’ in Chinese.

  3. Anna's mother Says:

    and how is this my fault?

  4. Anna Says:

    The AdWord came up next to my valentine to you.

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