10 Reasons Behind Islamic Terror

1. Continued dependence on the sale of oil, which polarizes the middle East into haves and have-nots, with governments gaining favor not through fairness or justice but simply by spreading oil money around.

2. European formal and informal colonization of the Middle East circa WWI, which stunted Middle Eastern economies and installed a series of illegitimate puppet governments.

3. US and European support of oppressive regimes like those of Assad, Mubarak, the House of Saud, the Shah of Iran, and, formerly, Saddam Hussein, making militant Islam look like a viable alternative to western-backed dictatorship.

4. The general ineffectiveness and corruption of the above regimes, and their inability to provide social services, which paved the way for groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas to gain favor by dispensing these services.

5. Social and economic isolation of Muslims in Europe, caused in part by a European mistrust of Islam in particular and immigration in general.

6. Growth of education in Muslim countries without a corresponding growth of economic opportunity, leading to large-scale youth frustration and the increased popularity of al-Qaeda-style training camps.

7. The actions of France in North Africa, and the low status of north Africans in France.

8. The exodus of Palestinian refugees after 1948, spreading resentment against Israel all around the Muslim world.

9. The absence in many Middle Eastern nations of any tradition of peaceful protest or open political debate, resulting in large part from government denials of free speech and free press.

10. Koranic concepts of jihad.

The first nine of these reasons can be addressed and discussed rationally. They deal with problems we in the West can address, or help Middle Eastern governments to address. The 10th reason is outside the realm of rationality and debate. We can’t fix it; we can’t even really discuss it.

Luckily, it’s only one of 10 reasons. To deny the importance of the other nine is to misunderstand the situation, and to hamper our search for a solution.

The first nine reasons are not justifications for terror. Terrorism is never right, and it should never be excused. However, it can be understood, and it must be understood before we can combat it. Until we grasp the importance of the first nine reasons, we will harbor a mistaken and simplistic view of Islamic terrorism. Until we see that today’s battles have more roots in the world then they have in the Koran, we will never have peace.


2 Responses to “10 Reasons Behind Islamic Terror”

  1. Marisa Says:

    Africans are treated pretty shitty in Italy too. The majority of street vendors that I saw in Rome were Moraccan or Tunisian – the ones that sell bad Prada knock-offs for fifteen euro in front of the forum.

  2. Ceci n’est pas un blog. » “10 Reasons Behind Islamic Terror” and further ranting about those damn cartoons Says:

    […] Here’s a great post over at the Annalog about so-called “muslim violence”. A comment on the same article on Newsvine neatly sums it up: “They aren’t burning down embassies because of a cartoon, they are burning down embassies because we’ve shit on them and this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.” […]

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