GOP knows you're mad at it

NYT really goes out on a limb today:

So let me get this straight. NYT has the impression that Republicans are worried that we are worried about their corruption. In reporting on this matter, they have given us an almost perfect transcription of a typical conversation between my grandparents.

Grandma: Are you worried?
Grandpa: No, I’m sleeping.
Grandma: I think you’re worried about something.
Grandpa: I’m not.
Grandma: I’m really worried that you’re worried.
Grandpa: What would I be worried about?
Grandma: Well, honey, I’m worried that you’re worried about corruption.

Tomorrow in News Analysis, “The Democratic Party wants you to know that it’s not mad at you, no matter what it looks like.”


2 Responses to “GOP knows you're mad at it”

  1. Cory Says:

    Boehner is not much of a reform candidate for the Reps, that’s total B.S. He wasn’t Delay’s right-hand man like Blunt, but he’s a part of the same evil Republican Congressional- K Street establishment ( Downside: the spin is that the Republicans are cleaning themselves up. Upside: the Dems will still have corruption issues to complain about in a few years. Additional upside: how are you guys pronouncing this guy’s name?

  2. political wag Says:

    Like Boner? I’m pronouncing his name to sound like “boner.”

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