What's this?

This, meaning these crazy new links in the sidebar, is my new home page on Newsvine. Newsvine describes itself thus:

At Newsvine, you can read breaking news from around the world, write your own articles, and publish links from across the web directly to your column.

Basically, it’s exactly like my blog, except linked up to a homepage that shows headlines from everyone else’s blogs. Kind of like if Google News were made by people like you and me. The more people think a post is interesting, the more prominent a slot it gets on the front page.

This aggregated front page (along with topic-based pages for things like science and politics) create a culture of commentary on Newsvine. If I wind up a post with “what do you think?” I know that I’ll get a bunch of answers. Those answers might change my mind, but they also might point out holes in my arguments and help me write more persuasively. All of which helps me move toward my ultimate goal of changing the world with my words (see poem below).

Newsvine is in private, invite-only beta right now. Once it goes into public beta, I anticipate a fuller integration of my blog with my Newsvine column. Until then, let me know if you’d like an invite and maybe I can hook you up. Once you’re a Newsvine member, check out my recent post on global warming. It may not be the most articulate thing I’ve written this week, but it is probably the most important.

And finally, a poem by the Zoroastrian poet Zubin Madon:

A pen may write
and not say anything.
A man may write
and change the world with his words.
A dog
may not write.

From These Poems Are Important, 2002.


One Response to “What's this?”

  1. Zubin Says:

    That was hell of the most important poem I have ever written.

    The casual literary critic can see how the Annalog has reinterpreted my poem to find the assertion that a dog may not use Newsvine. This is certainly non-obvious, but that is the great thing about art. Non-obvious concepts can be pulled from even the most important of poems.

    Go Annalog.

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