Willie Nelson thinks I suck

My posts have been sparse this week as writer’s block has plunged me into a pool of self-loathing. This morning I was starting to feel better — until I checked my email and found this message:

Don’t be inadequate anymore!

The sender? William Nelson. It’s a sad day when the guy who recorded “Beer For My Horses” tells me to shape up.


One Response to “Willie Nelson thinks I suck”

  1. Marisa Says:

    The role of MRS. ROBINSON will be played by Willie Nelson. The role of BEN will be played by The Annalog.

    MR. NELSON: It is, isn’t it? It is your first time.
    ANNA: That’s a laugh, Mr. Nelson. That’s really a laugh. Ha ha.
    MR. NELSON: You can admit that, can’t you?
    ANNA: Are you kidding?
    MR. NELSON: It’s nothing to be ashamed of –
    ANNA: Wait a minute!
    MR. NELSON: On your first time –
    ANNA: Who said it was my first time.
    MR. NELSON: That you’re afraid –
    ANNA: Wait a minute.
    MR. NELSON: – of bring – inadequate – I mean just because you happen to be inadequate in one way –
    LONG pause.
    ANNA: Don’t move.

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