Poor Hillary Clinton feels like a slave

Don’t get me wrong — I heartily agree with Sen. Hillary Clinton’s assessment that in the Bush administration “we have a culture of corruption, we have cronyism, we have incompetence.” But something about her speech at the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem rings a little false. Maybe it’s her assertion that, “like a plantation,” the House is a place where “nobody with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, to make an argument, to be heard.” Right, because the worst thing about plantations was that the slaveowners were so darned intolerant of dissent. The slaves would have some legislation they wanted to propose, but they just couldn’t get a word in edgewise. It was so hard to start an open, honest debate.

Seriously now, I’m sure it’s no fun being a liberal in Congress right now. But to compare this situation to slavery is ludicrous and nakedly opportunistic. It’s a certain kind of relief to hear Clinton finally voicing some serious criticism of the administration. Then again, this is the woman who only a few months ago quietly backed yet another bill to criminalize flag-burning. I doubt that Hillary ever suffers any persecution in Congress for being contrary; she seems fully capable of paying lip service to any audience she meets.

Adding to the ridiculousness of Clinton’s remarks is this bit from the NY Daily News: “The use of the word ‘plantation’ is terribly unwise,” said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. “It will just reinforce the view most Americans have of Hillary Clinton as being very liberal.” Sounds like she fooled him.

The only hope I have for Clinton is that underneath her chameleon exterior lurks a liberal heart. If she goes all the way in ’08, I’ll vote for her on the strength of this hope. But I’ll feel a little dirty doing it.


3 Responses to “Poor Hillary Clinton feels like a slave”

  1. Zubin Says:

    I truly madly deeply believe Clinton is playing the game, and pandering to suburban and rural mothers (Hot Coffee, flag burning). My fear is that percieved “GOP lite” loses to GOP in ’08.

    She wants to maintain a system of “core American values” while proving to the liberal base (come on, base, let’s be a real base this time!) that she deserves a run (as in don’t walk…) to the polls.

  2. Chris Says:

    So, given this paradigm, is it reasonable to call Hillary an Uncle Tom? Because it seems fun, and I can’t imagine the opportunity comes up very often, at least not until the Senate puts on its annual production of Song of the South.

  3. Cory Says:

    Just because I’m one of those detail people, I feel it necessary to note that Hillary Clinton was not claiming she was a slave, she was saying Democratic members of the House of Representatives feel like slaves. Otherwise, I pretty much agree with you. Then again, let’s all turn our fire on those who deserve it: Republicans.

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