Make sex more equal

A recent post on Broadsheet has generated the requisite flame war between male and female readers about which gender has it rougher. This debate is as old as Tiresias, but the Broadsheet version usually goes like this:

Woman: Men only care about youth and beauty, not intelligence or personality.
Man: Yeah, but women only care about status and won’t date us if we don’t have any. That’s why women only date older guys.
Woman: That’s because all the guys our age are dating younger women.
Realist Man: You are both doomed to a life of loneliness. Men are genetically predisposed to want young women, while women are predisposed to want high-status men. This will never change. Also love does not exist.
Woman: . . .
Man: . . .
Realist Man: You should probably kill yourself.

In fact, none of us have to commit suicide. There is a political solution to this biological problem. Here’s what I said in my Broadsheet letter:

mate with people your own age. Women, stop dating older men. Men, stop dating younger women. Don’t tell me, “it won’t work, we’re just wired that way.” Women were wired to have babies at fourteen, but look at all of us typing at computers instead. We’re sentient animals, my fellow humans, and we can have a more equal society if we put our big minds to it.

I submit that this solution will not only remove the dating inequalities so many complain about; it will actually restructure the power dynamics of society. Women, no longer thrown away as they age, will begin to accumulate the respect and status elderly men enjoy. Men will feel free to pursue lower-paying jobs (I actually do know a man who complains about this), free to seek mates who are status-blind. Why will this work so well? Because all the older men will be taken by older women. A poor young college girl won’t be able to find a sugar daddy, and she’ll have to date her lab partner instead. Ditto a successful sixty-year-old CEO; he’ll have to court the widow, because her daughter will be spoken for. This will all be even more feasible as egg-freezing technology gets better, allowing women to conceive and bear children into their fifties and beyond.

The future is now, people — go out and have sex with someone your own age.


5 Responses to “Make sex more equal”

  1. Marisa Says:

    Remember the gay penguins? People started saying “Look, penguins are gay, people can be gay too.” The response to that was, “We can’t always look to nature for the a-okay. For example chimpanzee that has just taken over a troupe may kill all the babies, as he knows that none of them are his own and he wants the mothers to start ovulating ASAP. However, there are definite laws against infanticide, step-children or otherwise.”

    If we have managed to avoid our baby-killing instincts, I think we can handle dating in our own age group.

    Now, we just need to define age group.

  2. Anna Says:

    Just to clarify, Marisa is not equating being gay with killing babies. She thinks being gay is a-okay, but that we shouldn’t have to use biology as a justification for our actions.

  3. Max Says:

    Perhaps we should even be required to date someone with the same birthday as us? It might make finding the person a bit more difficult, but it would also be easier to remember when to buy presents…

  4. Marisa Says:

    Maybe gay penguins should be required to date other gay penguins with the same birthday.

  5. Marisa Says:

    This woman did not take your advice, but at least she’s a free thinker.

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