A coalition for suckiness

When Google bought a piece of AOL, a lot of Silicon Valley movers and shakers (the Annalog, needless to say, both moves and shakes the Valley regularly) worried that the move would dilute Google’s admirably non-sucky brand. And indeed, the Google-AOL partnership seems to be oozing sticky AdWords into my Gmail. A recent AdWord linked to “AOL: Spam Down, Sophisticated Methods Up,” by Roy Mark. Mr. Mark (remember, kids, never trust a man with two first names) tells us what kind of spam we are getting, and interviews AOL Postmaster Charles Stiles about this growing problem. Fascinatingly, Stiles delivers sound bites that mimic spam in their use of numerous buzzwords randomly slapped together:

[Spammers] are going after Mainstreet USA with ‘back alley’ tactics, and they are doing it with a specialized team that’s working overtime […] a tightly knit, controlled, Web-based spam mafia coordinating sustained attacks on netizens in 2005.

“C1al1s Russ1an pr0n,” he added, “your account needs updating.”

Seriously, I think this article is just a press release from AOL with some junk from internetnews.com spread all around it. It’s also hard to tell whether internetnews.com is a legit news site. This is largely because each and every one of their internal search results is tagged “sponsored listing.” Google: don’t let this be you.


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