More news on Russian mail-order brides

For those of you who spend all day Googling “Russian brides,” (or “caught having sex,” “sex with my sister,” or “16 having sex” — all search terms that apparently led you to The Annalog), here’s a little tidbit. It’s culled from a matchmaking site called Chance for Love.

The Russian woman’s attitude about herself is feminine. She expects to be treated as a lady, she is the weaker gender and knows it. The Russian woman has not been exposed to the world of rampant feminism that asserts its rights in America.

“Russian Woman Exposed to the World of Rampant Feminism” seems like a pretty hot porno movie to me. But the point of this post is not mere titillation. A friend recently asked me what feminist blogs I read. The Chance for Love item, as well as many other blogspirations, come from Broadsheet. I don’t always agree with the posts, but they have a good blogroll of feminist sites, and can be relied upon to weigh in on the big issues in feminist news.

Feminist news, now there is a term that begs for a definition — any takers?


2 Responses to “More news on Russian mail-order brides”

  1. Marisa Says:

    Speaking with my previous roommate has brought to light that her mother is going to Russia on business for two months.
    ‘RUSSIA??!!’ she typed to me via AIM. ‘What the hell is in Russia?’
    What sprang to mind: images of fireworks over Moscow, The Mooches, and people who live in ice caves and don’t know that the cold war is over. Also, The Annalog.
    My response:
    She might get sold as a Russian bridge back to the US.
    I bet someone might get confused and wouldn’t be able to tell Nigerians and Russians apart.
    It would probably be a free flight home, though. Don’t know if she wants to risk that.
    All I can say is… Mrs. Bang, be careful.

  2. Marisa Says:

    Russian bride! Bride, not bridge!!!! Damn you, G key!

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