Discrimination in the O.C.?

This’ll be a quickie, as it’s a busy day at work. But you should know that Santiago High, which suspended Christine Nguon, 17, for public displays of affection with her girlfriend, doesn’t seem to have any rules against such displays. Please check the rules and see if I missed anything.

The rules do say this:

All students have a right to be in a school environment in which they feel safe, respected and protected.

If Ms. Nguon did get busted solely for kissing another girl, then it certainly seems as though her school failed to respect and protect her.


8 Responses to “Discrimination in the O.C.?”

  1. Marisa Says:

    My high school had a ‘strict’ no public displays of affection policy. However, it was only enforced for homosexual kids. That was bs.

    The two exceptions:
    Two straight kids got sent home after they were caught having sex in the women’s bathroom (ew! public school bathrooms!)

    A straight girl got into serious trouble when she was discovered high on ecstacy, giving blowjobs in the men’s bathroom for money. The tip off? A line to the men’s room going out the door.

  2. A Concerned Citizen Says:

    You should write for FRIENDS.


  3. Frank Says:

    Interestingly, sexual orientation isn’t protected in the school’s “nondiscrimination policy.”


    I wonder if that means it is within the school’s authority to suspend her but not straight kids for PDA.

    Is a school allowed to make any punishment against any person for any action as long as it doesn’t conflict with school rules to do so?

  4. Your High School Principal Says:

    If sex in “public school bathrooms” is gross, does that make sex in more hygenic bathrooms ok?

  5. Zubin Says:

    In response to Frank, if California has a non-descrimination policy that includes sexual orientation (many blue states do, now), wouldn’t the school be required to comply with that? (I never know these things, for example, can a Catholic school discriminate in choosing students, or are the applicants just self-selecting) Also, unfortunately I am not sure whether California has such a non-descrimination policy. A wholly uninformative comment, I guess.

  6. Anna Says:

    I’m quite impressed that my very own high school principal reads my blog.Or is this Marisa’s principal? In any case, I would say that yes, there are many bathrooms more appropriate for sexual intercourse than those of the high school over which you preside. If I remember, those bathrooms had lots of poems about menstrual blood scrawled everywhere, which would be quite unconducive to lovemaking.

  7. Marisa Says:

    If it’s Principal Covell of Pinole Valley High School:
    Anna is quite right – menstrual blood poems. Also urine on the floor, lipstick on the mirrors, cigarettes in the toilets, and mushy toilet paper stuck to the ceiling in wads.
    Plus, remember when you made that announcement in the spring of 2000 about “no spreading fecal matter on the walls”? I think that speaks volumes.

  8. Your High School Principal Says:

    I never made such an announcement, nor would I ever use the phrase “fecal matter”! I think the fact that you’ve falsified my position speaks volumes.

    See you in detention !!

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