South Africa 1, U.S. 0

Today, South Africa’s high court ruled that the country’s Marriage Act must be amended to allow gay marriage. South Africa, you’ll remember, was governed by apartheid until 1994. Now it has a better legal record on gay rights than the US. Ouch.


One Response to “South Africa 1, U.S. 0”

  1. the fairy typewriter » Grace Period Says:

    […] (From The Annalog, the name of which I absolutely adore.) The high court of South Africa has ruled that the country’s legistature must amend its laws so that gay marriage is legal—within the year. A year? Now, if this was something like adding tons of functionality to an otherwise unreliable product, like 911 avalilablity to VoIP, then I understand. But how hard is it for them to add two words into their marriage law and start printing the new one, while postering everywhere that the old law is out of date? Maybe even a mass mailing to all the lawyers, and a day of sensitivity training for the marriage clerks, and some new forms. A year? That’s just absurd. […]

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