Breaking news on the dating game

Journalists from Maureen Dowd to Sara Vilkomerson of the New York Observer have taken to chronicling the dating habits of their peers. Naysayers dismiss the practice as so much elitist navelgazing — but they haven’t heard the latest:

Bay Area Twentysomethings Dating Other Bay Area Twentysomethings
Twentysomethings in the San Francisco Bay Area have discovered the next big thing in modern romance — dating each other! I spoke with Jeremy, a 22-year-old programmer, who told me “My girlfriend and I have been dating more than a year. It’s great! We live in the same city, and we’re the same age. It’s like we were meant for each other.” Marisa, a 23-year-old working in healthcare, echoed his sentiments. “I tried dating an 80-year-old who lived in Moscow,” she said, “The time change, the language barrier… it just didn’t work out.” Some twentysomethings, however, see a downside to their peers’ convenient coupling. “I’d never go out with another Bay Area twentysomething,” said Heywood, 22, “It’s like screwing your sister.”

See the full text on the author’s blog.


One Response to “Breaking news on the dating game”

  1. Marisa Says:

    I’d like to point out that we’re still good friends… Vadim and I.

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